What is Going on Right Now?

As you can see, our site is undergoing a bit of a change. I am sorry that you have come here right when we aren’t ready to provide you with what you are looking for. This is an unfortunate coincidence. I mean what are the odd?

But since you are here, we don’t want to leave you empty handed. This is a a lesson that has helped me a lot over the years:

The way I experience life, and you probably too, is a constant flow of desires, emotions and feelings. Sometimes I feel like I have to do something or that I don’t want to do something. Or I feel conflicted, where it seems that I want two things at the same time. Or I feel that somebody shouldn’t have done something and that they are a jerk.Welcome to Fes Ho CAt

This is probably very similar to what you are experiencing. If it’s completely different please write a comment below because then I am very curious. If it’s somehow similar then how about this?

Have these feelings ever been wrong? Like where you felt something would be awful but turned out just great? Or the other way around? Or that somebody would be a jerk, but they turned out to be really nice?

In my case, I have had a lot of my conclusions be wrong. They were also right sometimes, but definitely not always.

So if we know for sure that our thoughts and feeling can be completely wrong (awful vs wonderful, jerk vs nice), then why do we still trust them so much?

Not a day goes by where I don’t hear someone mention that they are just going to follow their heart. Or that they “feel” that something is right. But how can that ever be used as a way to determine what to do? We already know that it can be exactly opposite to the truth.

The only conclusion from this can be: we need to stop trusting our feelings. They are simply not reliable. So the next time you feel like you have to live up to your friends expectations, that this person is a jerk, that working out is going to be awful, don’t believe it.

Instead ask yourself, how do I know this? What do I know about going to sports class? Maybe that every time you went, you felt great. With that in mind, ignore the feelings of not going. They are simply not true.

You don’t have to trust me on this, just try it for yourself.

Take care, and see you soon on the new site!